Five myths about private jet travel

What is your first thought when you hear about travelling by a private jet? Glamour, luxury and maybe unimaginable costs? Such a small plane cannot be safe? Wrong!

We are aware of how wrong people are about the idea of traveling by private jets. We want to help you by debunking few myths to you.

Myth #1: Private jets are only for the famous & rich people.

This is the most popular myth.

Following celebrities on social media, you get the impression that they are a significant clientele of private jets. True, celebrities use the facilities offered by renting a private plane, however, up to 50% of private flights are for business use.

Private aviation not only provides a more luxurious experience than an airline flight, but also saves your time. In the case of a multi-stage trip or an unexpected urgent business trip, being able to travel to a planned route (and return home in the evening) means that you can achieve the best possible business performance in a single day.

Flying for business with traditional airlines, one has to add few extra costs: car rental, hotel, per diem for each traveling team member and a full day of travel on either side of the meeting date. This gives you only one meeting and up to three days outside the office. Besides the fact that passengers will never miss a private flight.

Myth #2: It’s not as safe.

Private aviation is regulated by the same safety standards (FAA) as commercial flights. They are concerned, for crew duty and rest, runway conditions, fuel and a long list of other safety conditions.

According to FAA regulations, charter airplanes are rigorously monitored for maximum safety through planned and unexpected controls. In the case of private jet services, aviation safety is of the utmost importance, which is why they invest a lot in pilot training and employ only pilots with many hours of relevant flight experience.

Myth #3: Private Jets are slower than commercial airlines.

Most private jets flies at similar or faster speed than commercial airlines. They can also fly at higher altitudes.

While some smaller private planes fly slower than commercial planes, the time saved at the airport makes the difference negligible. For example, during private flights, passengers often spend 15 minutes at each airport.

When you fly privately, you can drive the car right next to the chartered plane, load your personal items, fasten and take off in just 20 minutes.

Myth #4: Destination Lists Are Limited.

It's not true. Private jets have access to many airports around the world that commercial jets cannot access. There are many permanent base operators, known as FBO, which are private jet terminals located at airports. They have access to more destinations, for which some commercial flights may not be able to fly. Flying private for personal trips or vacation creates a diverse list of exotic, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Myth #5: Private Jet Travel is Bad for the Environment.

In this case, we have to argue in statistics. Most sources state that 2% of global CO2 emissions comes from aviation. WingX reported that about 5,000 private jets took off from 13 London airports in October 2017. While Heathrow Airport reports that their daily traffic is about 1 300 aircraft; so it's easy to see that private jets form a very small part of this 2% CO2 emissions.

In addition, private jets are usually newer, which means more efficient engines. This is a very important selling point for private owners, so manufacturers (such as Dassault) can boast that they have the most economical engines in the market.

We hope we have answered all questions that have been bothering you. And now planning your next trip, you may say, " Maybe I will use a private jet?"

YallaFly Team