The most interesting New Year’s Eve destinations by Private Jet.

New Year's Eve is the biggest event of the year around the world. Every year you wonder how to welcome the year, how to do it the most spectacularly? Or maybe you want to welcome the year first in the whole world? Private jets allow you to make your dreams come true and say "Hello" to the new year in a unique style. Here are some places worth visiting on New Year's Eve by a private jet.

New York City - USA

Who has not heard of great fun at The Times Square? The greatest tradition of New York New Year is watching the ball drop. The streets are flooded with a crowd of dancing and joyful people. Do you want to be one of them? Teterboro Airport, serving the majority of private charter flights in Manhattan, will surely find a place for your chartered plane.

Sydney - Australia

Sydney is the first big city in the world where the clock strikes midnight. When you, in Europe are just wondering what to wear for the New Year's party, in Sydney they are already partying in the new year. Tempting? It's not everything. Sydney is above all a spectacular fireworks display which beautifully presented against the Opera House. The flight to Australia takes a bit longer. In the comfortable conditions of a private plane, you'll be perfectly rested for the New Year's long fun.

London – England

In London, you will certainly feel the climate of the upcoming new year. A beautiful fireworks display over the River Thames will be a wonderful experience with the sounds of Big Ben. Be there with 250,000 people to see a spectacular ten-minute show of lights and fireworks from the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. Remember, it's not tough to find a good party in London. Just take a look at the pub, and the atmosphere and music will take you on your own. Did we convince you? Pack all the fancy creations for the chartered plane and get in the way.

These are just a few places. The world is great and beautiful. It's up to you to decide on which point of the world you will welcome the New Year.

Enjoy your trips with YallaFly!