Five reasons to choose a private jet for the ski vacation

In winter, all the largest ski resorts enjoy the most interest. Snow and great fun attract fans of skiing or snowboarding. We want to give you a few reasons why you should choose a private jet for such a trip.

1. Choosing a private jet will definitely allow you to get closer to your ski resort.

Private airplanes are smaller than commercial aircraft, so they are able to use shorter runways. This option allows access to smaller private airports, which are usually much closer to ski resorts than large airports. An example is the Eagle airport located near the resort of Vail.

2. Have you just got the idea to try winter madness in the Alps?

Spontaneous decisions are often not easy to make due to the lack of seats on the plane. When you decide on a private jet, you can reach the chosen destination whenever you want.

3. Skiing can also be a great opportunity for family gatherings or a group of friends.

By traveling by a private jet, you can take with you up to 16 people. Convenience and travel with your relatives allow you to start the celebration already on the plane.

4. Winter sports require proper preparation from users.

Skis, snowboards, shoes, clothing, etc. All of these elements are extremely important to be able to use the slope. The opportunity to take your own ski equipment with you is an important benefit of privately flying - there are no extra fees for too much luggage and you know that your skis are carefully stored without fear of getting lost.

5. Holidays without your four-legged pet?

Absolutely not! In order for your pet to be able to travel luxuriously in the seat next to you, all you have to do is informing about it in booking.

We wish you a great winter vacation.

YallaFly Team