What documentation do I need to fly by private jet?

Are you preparing for a flight? Passport, visa, boarding pass, everything packed up? Have you ever wondered what it looks like during a private flight? What does the administrative process look like before the flights, during them, but also the airport traffic? Baggage regulations, immigration procedures or transport of pets? Do not worry, below you will find the answers to all your questions.

How many hours before departure I have to be at the airport?

Arriving a few hours before the flight is totally unnecessary. When traveling on a private jet, boarding time can be between 5 and 30 minutes. It depends only on the private FBO terminal at the airport.

In most cases, you can park your car right outside the door. Some smaller airports will even allow you to get to the stairs of the plane.

Do I need a passport to fly a private jet?

For private jets, the same immigration requirements apply as for commercial flights. However, the process is much faster and more fluid.

For example, a passport will be required on international flights from Germany or the United States. And in the case of a national route or a route between countries of the Schengen area in Europe (which have open border agreements), it is enough to have an authorized identity card with a photo (such as an identity card or driving license).

Do I need a VISA to fly by private jet?

As with any commercial flight, you must meet immigration requirements for your route and nationality. If required, this also includes obtaining a visa.

Will my documents be checked at the airport?

When you book your private jet, the PrivateFly Operating Team will ask for a copy of your passport (or identity card) and visa (if required) for each passenger you travel. It is used by both PrivateFly and the aircraft operator to create a passenger manifest. This is an official document used by immigration services, airline crew, and FBO.

Information about the manifesto depends on the route and can be used to check all required information about passengers before the flight, and not after arriving at the airport. Thanks to this the process is much faster and hassle-free for passengers.

It is still important that all passengers carry a passport or other ID which will be checked by FBO staff - otherwise, it will not be possible to board the aircraft. Some airports immigration service and perform spot checks.

Changing the number of passengers traveling is possible at any time until the departure of the aircraft, which does not change the fact that the same documentation will be required from everyone.

Do I have to have a ticket or boarding pass for a private jet flight?

Private jet flights are ticket-free. After booking a private flight, we will send you an itinerary containing route details, booking reference number, and all other key information about your flight. You will know the crew contact details and the plane's tail number. We also send directions to FBO and parking information.

Some airports have an additional safety requirement, called PPR (Requirement of prior authorization). This is a unique number that identifies the passenger on arrival.

Is there a luggage scanning before my private flight?

As with commercial flights, luggage will be scanned before you can board a private plane. However, there are no queues so this happens seamlessly and very quickly. Depending on the aircraft, there is no restriction on the size or the number of luggage allowed for a given person.

Does my pet need a passport?

In private jet, animals can travel with their owners on the next seat, but they are also required to provide the necessary documentation - including an animal passport and a vaccination protocol. Microchip is also required.

It is always better to check if the destination country has some special requirements for the pets arriving. For example, in the case of arrivals in the UK, your pet must be vaccinated against rabies, and dogs should be dewormed 24 hours before departure.

YallaFly Team