About us

YallaFly airlines is a new private air charter airline in its formative stages. It is been organized to take advantage of a specific gap in the mid-haul international travel market. The gap exists in private air charter services between North Africa, Europe, USA and Near East. The gap in the availability of mid-haul air charter services in and out of Morocco coupled with the demand for passenger travel on selected routes indicates that a new entrant airline could be expected to capture a significant portion of current air travel business in that region.

YallaFly is built by professionals with extensive experience in airline industry. Key employees have more than ten years of experience in this sector.

This new airline is characterized by a dynamic modern way of management, and its extreme friendly approach to the customer and the ambitions of rapid growth based on market trends.

Yallafly offers its passengers high level of flight safety, thanks to our modern fleet of planes meeting all new safety standards.

It offers consumer an extraordinary experience thanks to the highest level of training of the plane crews and ground service.

Thanks to the use of modern flying machines, Yallafly gives its passengers a highly comfortable, safe and cost-effective way of travelling, which can be a good alternative to the traditional means of transport. Moreover, utilization of the latest aviation technologies and navigational equipment will ensure the highest level of reliability, safety and punctuality to consumer’s satisfaction.

Our advantages

  • Fresh approach to aviation

    We introduce the necessary freshness to the air transport industry, innovative approach to the client and dynamics of action characteristic for the most modern companies in the world.

    We believe that without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.

  • Wide range of services

    It is not only about air transport, it is lifestyle. We provide our customers concierge services, tailor-made & professional support especially during medical evacuation and much more.

    With us your dreams will become a reality.

  • Modern and luxury fleet

    We provide our customers with fast and direct flights between USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

    All of this in peaceful, luxurious and comfortable private jets.

Talk to us about your needs

Our customer service team is ready to talk to you about your travel and your business needs. We are always happy to refine you even with the smallest detail in order to prepare for you a truly tailor-made offer, that will meet all of your requirements.

Thanks to many years of experience in the air transport industry, we will help you choose the right range of services that will save your valuable time and increase your productivity and efficiency of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We offer you dedicated consultants, who are always ready to serve you with professional advice.