Our services

On-demand flights

Fly wherever and whenever you want, by chartering a private flight with one of our luxury private jets.

Medical evacuation

We offer jet flights specially adapted for medical applications. The jet is furnished with equipment and kits for medical evacuation. We can make changes conforming to patient’s condition.

Air Cargo

You need to transport a larger load immediately from point A to B? We offer the best air cargo services making sure the cargo is handled with care while on transit and gets to its destination on time. Nothing simpler, contact us.


Innovation in the air transport market, feel like a movie star without draining your wallet. Share your flight with others by using our private jet rental.

Things you should know

YallaFly is built by professionals with extensive experience in airline industry.

Key employees have more than ten years of experience in this sector.

This airline is characterized by a dynamic and modern way of management,

a friendly approach to the customer and the ambitions of rapid growth.

Yallafly offers its passengers high level of flight safety,

thanks to our modern fleet of planes and private jets, meeting all new safety standards.

Yallafly gives its passengers highly comfortable, safe and cost-effective way of travelling,

which can be a good alternative to the traditional means of transport.

Moreover, utilization of the latest aviation technologies and navigational equipment will ensure the highest level of reliability, safety and punctuality to our consumer satisfaction.

Our flights connect almost all continents.

We offer an innovative approach to jet charter based on sharing economy. Passengers who normally cannot afford private jets will be able to share with other passengers on the same route ( and share the cost between themselves).

In this way, the passenger can travel on a private jet for the price of a business class (in conventional airlines).

Our fleet

French luxury business jet and a member of Dassault Aviation's Falcon business jet line, equipped with a twin-engine.
General characteristics:
• Crew: Two
• Capacity: 8-10 people
• Length: 20.23 m (66 ft 4 in)
• Wingspan: 19.33 m (63 ft 5 in)
• Height: 7.06 m (23 ft 2 in)
• Range: 6,020 km
• Empty weight: 9,405 kg (20,735 lb)


Medium- to long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus.
General characteristics:
• Crew: Ten (2 pilots and 8 cabin crew)
• Capacity: 277/440 people
• Length: 63.66 m
• Wingspan: 60.30 m
• Height: 16.79 m
• Range: 11,750 km
• Max ramp weight: 242,900 kg


Short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners manufactured by Airbus.
General characteristics:
• Crew: Six (2 pilots and 4 cabin crew)
• Capacity: 150/179 people
• Length: 37.57 m
• Wingspan: 34.09 m
• Height: 11.76 m
• Range: 5,700 km
• Empty weight: 37,230 kg


Short- to medium-range propeller plane, which has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. As such, it is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today.
General characteristics:
• Crew: Two
• Capacity: 9 people
• Length: 14.40 m
• Wingspan: 16.28 m
• Height: 4.26 m
• Range: 3,417 km
• Empty weight: 2,891 kg